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How to set up an Instagram store

How to set up an Instagram store

Instagram Shopping isn’t just a trend – it’s the future of retail. In a world where the traditional retail experience is rapidly evolving, Instagram shopping is taking centre stage and revolutionising the way consumers and businesses connect.

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has become more than just a social media platform – it is now a bustling marketplace.

Mary Waithaka, who sells second-hand outfits, says: “Instagram works for me because my target market, which is university students, go to Instagram when they are looking for budget outfits when they want to look good for an event or social gathering.”

Instagram shopping turns the social media experience into a seamless retail journey.

“It saves them the drama of going to Gikomba or Toi to save money. My services also include personal shopping for them. They tell me what they want and I get it for them,” said Waithaka, who runs an Instagram and WhatsApp thrifting service.

Businesses can create digital catalogues that allow users to explore, learn about and purchase products directly within the app. This streamlined process – see it, like it, buy it – eliminates the need to navigate away from Instagram.

Here’s how to set up your own Instagram store.

Getting approved for Instagram Shopping

Before you set up your Instagram shop, make sure you meet these criteria:

– Operate in a supported market.

– Sell physical, eligible products.

– Comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce guidelines.

– Own your e-commerce website.

– Have a business profile on Instagram.

Set up Instagram Shopping: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Convert to a business or creator account

If you’re not already using a Business (or Creator) account, convert now. These accounts unlock Instagram Shopping features and analytics.

Step 2: Set up your shop with Commerce Manager

– Set up your shop using a Commerce Manager or a supported platform.

– Choose a checkout method.

– Select the Instagram Business account for your store.

– Connect your Facebook Page, if applicable.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook Page

– Go to Edit Profile on Instagram.

– Under Public Business Information, select Page.

– Select your Facebook Business Page to connect to.

Step 4: Upload your product catalogue

You can manually upload products to Commerce Manager, or integrate an existing database from platforms such as Shopify.

Step 5: Submit your account for verification

– Go to your Instagram profile settings.

– Tap Sign up for Instagram Shopping and follow the steps.

– Check your application status in your settings.

Step 6: Turn on Instagram Shopping

– Go to Profile Settings, tap Business, then Shopping.

– Select the product catalogue you want to connect with.

– Tap Done.

Your store is now set up and your inventory is ready. Now you can attract customers with engaging posts and stories, or create ads with product tags using Ads Manager.

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