• Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Nadia Mukami deletes all photos of Arrow Boy on her IG page

Nadia Mukami deletes all photos of Arrow Boy on her IG page

Questions as Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy delete photos of each other on IG

Singer Arrow Bwoy no longer features on Nadia Mukami's Instagram account unlike before. This is after the couple deleted each other photos on their respective IG pages.

Nadia has only retained one picture of their son Kai.

The two singers have deleted photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts without any explanation. 

The act has prompted speculations from their online-laws who are now suspecting a possible fallout. 

The two did not wish each other a happy Valentine's Day on February 14, raising even more concern about the future of their relationship.

The Mi Na We singers however have kept their tiktok videos.

In August 2023, Nadia spoke passionately about being with someone who hasn't paid dowry for her.

She was in the Kiss FM studios.

"I am not married. It is a fact. He is with me on credit. Niko soko," Mukami said. 

She said that any woman whose dowry has not been paid should not be fully committed to the man they are currently dating. 

"I think in the 21st century we need to tell our men if you have not paid my dowry yet, then one of my legs is still outside while only one is in the relationship," she said. 

Mukami said a lady living with a man who has not paid her dowry is just a girlfriend and not a wife. 

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy are not the only couples who have taken such action of deleting and or unfollowing each other.

Juma Jux and Karen Bujulu are also rumored to have split and deleted each other's pictures.

Even on Valentine's Day, Jux took his mother for dinner instead of his girlfriend, sending social media into a frenzy.

While neither has addressed netizens if there is trouble in paradise, the pair also unfollowed each other, which is usually a signal that all is not well.

A third couple who announced they are no longer together is Mungai Eve and Director Trevor whose shocking disclosure that they broke up a year ago, elicited mixed reactions.

Also, Akothee and her sister Cebbie Koks have deleted pictures of their spouses with Akothee admitting that he was a video vixen among other private details of their wedding.

 Former Gospel TV presenter Grace Ekirapa and her actor husband Pascal Tokodi were also rumored to have been living separate lives. They still have pictures and videos of each other. Fans are hopeful they will reunite when they solve their problems.

The two have not been seen together for a while, with Grace taking a trip to Dubai with their daughter and her sisters.

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