• Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Vera Sidika defends herself after accusations of abandoning her kids

Vera Sidika defends herself after accusations of abandoning her kids

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika has found herself having to defend her parenting choices after criticism was thrown her way/.

The busy socialite has been accused of abandoning her kids under the care of her nannies and parents as she tours the world and clubs.

In a Q&A session with her fans, the mother of two addressed the issue where she refuted claims of neglecting her parental responsibilities. 

The Q&A was swayed by an Instagram fan who boldly questioned Vera's commitment to parenting, further asking why the mother of two doesn't spend more time with her young children.

In response Vera defended herself, explaining that she spends more time with her kids than those who work 9-5. 

She further elaborated that the bond between her and her kids is immeasurable further breaking down her working hours in explanation. 

"I spend more time with my kids than a 9-5 working mom! I am not employed. meaning I have 24 hrs. to myself every day!!1 Who do u think I spend it with I'm always in the house. homebody. the bond between us is crazy!!!" Vera defended herself. 

The socialite further explained her travel arrangements, as she addressed concerns sent her way about her frequent travels.

Vera emphasized that though her travels are quite frequent she more than anyone prioritizes her kids first.

"If I decided to travel once every 2 months for say 1-2 weeks. I'm still spending more hours/time with my kids than a 9-5 mom," she said. 

After her breakdown, Vera further urged others not to hastily judge her parenting choices and encouraged them to reflect on their commitment to their own families. 

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